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10A UPSU PCB variants (PC104 form factor):

10A UPSU - 12V or 24V Supercapacitor or Battery UPS as PCB version in PC104 form factor


10A UPSU connectors - 12V or 24V Supercapacitor or Battery UPS

10A UPSU DIN variants:

10A UPSU DIN - 12V or 24V Ultracapacitor or Battery UPS for DIN-Rail Mounting

10A UPSU is a 12V or 24V Embedded-/Industrial-UPS. It is available with Ultracapacitors or with Batteries.

Key featurues:

  • 12V and 24V version available
  • Ultracapacitor / Supercapacitor or LiFePO4-Battery variant available
  • Each 10A UPSU is in DIN-Rail case and as PC104 PCB version available
  • Ultracapacitor / supercapacitor or battery already assembled, no additional battery-/ultracapacitor-packs required
  • Small form factor and design for rugged environments
  • Relais signal outputs, 10A
  • USB for monitoring
  • 160W (24V) / 120W (12V) output power
  • Regulated 12V/24V output voltage


Block diagram

10A UPSU block diagram

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS), designed for embedded- and industrial applications

Power interruptions or voltage faults can result in high costs in embedded and industrial applications. The 10A UPSU in its 8 variants provides an ideal solution for various applications: PLC, automation systems, embedded computers, rugged environments, ...
The rugged design of the 10A UPSU protects from transients on the power rail. A fuse on the voltage input and on the voltage output protects from short circuits and reverse polarities. With the relais output signals, industrial computers can shut down or transmit a message in the case of input voltage failure. The USB communication allows to read out voltages, temperature and receiving shutdown triggers. 10A UPSU is one of the smallest industrial-/embedded UPS solution in its power class.

Which 10A UPSU variant is the right one for which application?

  • Voltage range: Choose 12V or 24V variant
  • Ultracapacitor energy storage: Choose a variant without a 'B' in the name
  • Battery energy storage: Choose a Variant with a 'B' in the name
  • DIN-Rail case or PCB Version: Choose a 10A UPSU variant with or without 'DIN'-Suffix

Specifications and 10A UPSU variants

Specification | 10A UPSU type: 10A UPSU 12V
10A UPSU 24V
10A UPSU 12V B
10A UPSU 24V B
Energy storage type Ultracapacitors / Supercapacitors LiFePO4-Batteries
Front-view of PCB versions 10A UPSU 12V and 10A UPSU 24V front view 10A UPSU 12V B and 10A UPSU 24V B front view
Dimensions PCB variants: PC104 (95.89 x 90.17 mm)
DIN variants: DIN-Rail case (48.5 x 105.5 x 92.4 mm)
Input and output voltage 12V 24V 12V 24V
Signals / Monitoring Relais: power failed and low capacity signal / USB: Status and voltage monitoring
Status Relais current (both) 10A
Max. output current 10A
Max. input current 10A
Max. output power when vin failed 120W 160W 120W 160W
Running time @ 10W load (+-40%) 60.00s 60.00s 2940.00s 3930.00s
Running time @ max load (+-40%) 2.64s 1.30s 245.00s 245.00s
Temperature range -40°C to +60°C -30°C to +60°C
Cycle life (@ 25°C) 500,000 cycles 1,700 cycles

Advantages and disadvantages: Batteries vs. Ultracapacitors/Supercapacitors

Conclusion of Batteries vs. Ultracapacitors:

  • The most significant disadvantage of Ultracapacitors in compare to batteries is the low energy densitiy.
  • The most significant disadvantage of Batteries in compare to Ultracapacitors is the reduced cycle life, the reduced lifetime and the handling.

Note: Depending on battery type, the following specifications can differ.

Requirement Battery Ultracapacitor
Cycle life Low High
Lifetime Middle High
Time to charge Slow Very fast
Shelf life Not recommendet, note handling and care Uncomplicated
Stored energy (energy density) High Low
Power output (power density) Middle High
Low temperatures Output power high reduced (ESR much higher)
Capacity reduced strongly
Output power reduced after longer using in low temperatures (ESR increases)
High temperatures Reduced cycle life Capacity decreases when longer used at high temperature
Deep discharge Capacity decreases, safety risk possible uncomplicated down to 0V, no negative effects
Transport/International shipping Observe regulations Uncomplicated (no chemical energy storage)

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